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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 4, 2012 6:26 PM Flag

    Reverend King stood up for the rights of every persn not just 1 indidvidual being or race.

    So you are saying Revered King would be all for Planned Parenthood fulling the mission of Sanger in ridding America of reckless breeders?

    That Revered King would support Obama's taking of Religions Liberty for collectivist healthcare? Church being forced to pay the insurance premiums for abortion on demand?

    No I believe you are deluded.


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    • Who knows for the man is not with us aymore.Thats all norris.

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      • No RLP's Gasland, Oil Drum and corn ethanol corruption Opinions -

        He was a Born Again Baptist Minister. Darby final judgement conservative theology you clearly loath.

        Mohandhas Gandhi’s non-violent philosophy came from Christianity not Hindu, Muslim or even Jane, in the core.

        The Majestic Civil Rights or Really Social Gospel Movement of Martin Luther King tragically ended with him. It was perverted to collectivism rather than empowering human potential to use each Individuals God Gifted Talents of all Reformist Theology.

        Just as an earlier movement was perverted by W. Wilson and resulted in re-segregation of our government and military.

        Whether Rev. Martin Luther King picked up the remains shattered by Progressive College Professor and 100% racist Wilson or it was a new Social Gospel movement is an open question for debate.

        One thing is certain Obama forcing the church to pay insurance premiums for mandated abortion on demand is not any part of a Social Gospel Movement.

        Content of character, human potential and rights and talents Gifted by God. One race - human. .

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