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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 5, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    OT: Who ever wins on tuesday

    Oh I know all about Progressives winning elections in California. Sad fact is I have far more respect for elections and the rule of law than Progressives do.

    Like Obama abusing executive power to overturn our immigration laws.
    An EPA without the Constitutional authority outlawing coal based on absurd mercury claims. I could go on and on with Obama's abuse of power but Progressive do not care about respect for balance of power or respect the will of the people.

    Obamacare will be implemented over the objections of the majority of the people with heavy new taxes.

    The radical EPA will implement new fracturing regulations without accountability to our political process.

    Given then corporate earnings have run their efficiency course and our living standards are still being decimated by Progressive agenda and heavy new taxes and regulations will be implemented it will not be a good time for stock market returns.

    So as an investor I have reallocated my investments to other areas. Valuations are assuming growth in earnings which are very unlikely with an Obama win.

    It is remarkable that our African Socialist wish to be involved in the American political process. The OLB welcomes it. Just like the French tried after threatening Washington of course did not work.

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