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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 4, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    They love their wives all of them. look up the history of the mormon faith.

    Rev. King was an imperfect man who had a great dream we are still trying to achieve. Every one sitting at the table together with our innocent children joyfully playing together .

    So what could you possibly have bad to say about Romney? He serves fellow people with his own hands and time. He loves his one and only wife life partner. He gives 20% of his income to charity. Doesn't drink even coffee. He gave and made his boys do chores! Something Americans should do more.

    It is easy to pick on any church simply because it is made up of imperfect people. Is Revered Martin Luther King's message made inert or rotten because he fell short of the standard? I assure you he repented his failings rather than wallow in prideful bragging like a Progressive does.

    Judge the character as our perfection is impossible

    My goodness you have to admit Mitt lives his faith better than nearly all of us. He is a very good man.

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