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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Nov 5, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    Your agenda here is 100% political.

    And yours isn't?

    If anyone's agenda here is obvious, it's Norris'. He rarely makes one post without inserting some type of political spin on it.

    And he complains about it being a natural gas board. What a joke!

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    • Econ 101 principals are political simply because Progressives claim these basic building blocks are not true.

      Chances of a Romney win are built into equity valuations. So Obama winning actually means the market should go down. It is a probability of the event plus relatively high equity valuations which modify asset allocation. But as the OLB refuses to understand basic investment theory no surprise you get this wrong.

      But look at those crowds showing up in bad weather and Blue states for Romney.

      The other factor which did not occur for McCain but it very likely for Romney is Christians honoring their God Gifted Rights as Americans, by fulfilling their duty to vote their conscience.

      There is no way to model a change in voting which has no occurred before.

      The Social Gospel is only true when it is not collectivist. We will see if Christians do their duty and vote their conscience tomorrow. I am very hopeful.

    • This is norris's bully pulpit board. He will let us all know when it is time to talk about energy. This is a person that wants it all and wants it his way like burger king. I want it my way.

      But NG is stable now a god thing i guess. But as norris says if Ng gets to expensive people won't want to use it. Damned if you do damned if you don't. Listen i can hear him grumbling as he types is next editorial here on the LINE board.

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