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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 10, 2012 9:30 PM Flag

    On Topic: Noriris's favorite poll and it wasn't dancers

    Scott Rasmussen Tries To Explain Why His 2012 Polling Was So Bad

    Doug Mataconis · Saturday, November 10, 2012 · 6 Comments

    Rassmussen Reports was among the least accurate pollsters of the 2012 Election Cycle, tying for 24th with Gallup out of 26 pollsters ranked in one post-election study. The main reason for this, of course, is the fact that Rasmussen went into his polls with a pre-conceived notion of what the electorate was supposed to look like and, based on those assumption, weighted his polls according to Party ID to fit into the model, something that practically no other pollster does.

    In other words, biased to the right wing. He's not polling. He's campaigning

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    • The election is Over. Obama won by getting out the vote and the margin of 'victory' were certainly people like you.

      Now we as investors have to factor Obama refusing to follow the RSF law and food inflation and continued social instability around the world. The insane EPA will increase the mandates and try to force 15% blends so even average corn crops will not be adequate.

      We need to factor in his hostility to all viable domestic energy and perhaps his radical EPA really damaging it further with dishonest fracturing regulations. We also must pay billions for perfectly good coal plants retired early for no logical reason. The layoffs in coal have only begun as international competition is closer to China.

      Housing has been stabilizing. But the expect Obama win came to pass so now large companies are laying off Americans to downsize for the lower expect economic growth and the cost of Obamacare. Housing is tied mostly to stable employment rather than artificially negative mortgage rates.

      One thing we all know is that the way Obama won he cares more about Obama than he cares about America. Anything is possible the next four years just as it did the last. So assuming he will do the right think about the Cliff is wishful rather than rational. Poor Juan Williams has been wrong about how Obama would govern yet he still engages in wishful rather than rational analysis.

      I can understand why the OLB progressive want to drag everyone else into the occult investment theories of magical personal power. That stock returns should match a come back from end of the world collapse the next for years simply because that is what happened in the past.

      Obama is a narcissists first. Only a narcissist would run the the negative emotion childish campaign he did. Now we must factor this type of 'leader' into our investment equations. I will pray Juan Williams' most earnest hopes about Obama policy come true but an investment rationalist cannot include delusional hope into valuation calculations.

      Layoffs, higher food prices, increased taxes from Obamacare, increased taxes at the top and bottom and of course artificially high energy prices as an offering to the Progressive humanity hating earth goddess. Even high food shortages for insane corn ethanol we all agree has no logical purpose except feeding Obama's crony capitalist special interest.

      Folks like you won the election. Now we have to be realistic about the ramifications as investors.

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      • Norris,
        I am way to the left of you and voted for Obama but I agree that the corn to fuel alcohol is very bad policy if not totally insane. I think those of us on both sides of the aisle need to work together or at least each work in our way to write our congress people both R and D and tell them to cut out subsidies for corn to ethanol. I think the real drivers behind that are partly a desire for so called energy independence and also a form of subsidy to agribusiness, something that both Republicans and Democrats have been guilty of. All of us should be writing to our representatives and get us out fo that whole business. GLL


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      • If you understand options and you accuse Ron of not fully understanding. Then lets here the explanation from you. Instead of dodging the question. You accuse others of not answering so lets have it from you. No i don;t know that you understand options. For you are dancing around like you normaly do when asked. Others have to prove to you such as my proving what EOG was getting on their NGl's. What did i get from you accusing me of not knowing. {nothing] As well as the answer to what that perosn said about letting people die for tit was all aboit them. Totaly against what you preach. or is it?

      • Oh woooooooooo is you. You appear to be in full panic mode. Trying to panic everyone on a MB. Put this post of yours in the WSJ. or on your white board and let everyone see this all hellllll is going to break loose post. The demise of america is upon us. Run for your life and run for the hills.

      • This poll was your basis of a Mitt win. All you did was post about this pole how correct they were.

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