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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 17, 2012 11:33 AM Flag

    Promised Land II norris will never get there III

    "I don't need a liar claiming he is praying for me."

    Perhaps you could consider me delusional but you have no power to read my mine or know my heart.

    So all you logically demonstrate is complete intolerance with the desire to impose your will upon me.

    Progressive Collectivist secular paganism is not about tolerance or civilized behavior. In fact tolerance and civilized behavior are completely incompatible with freedom of expression. Self absorbed emotions are not productive in any way.

    Your real anger is clear this morning. It is your intolerance for all to witness.

    I welcome all prayers made to a Loving and Benevolent Creator which made us all unique individuals endowed with Rights, to live our true individuality.

    Look I protect your right to selfishly used the Gift of Free Speech for the self abortion and therefore selflessness of freedom of expression. But I can never respect such self absorption and anti-social behavior. I can not approve of anti-social selfish behavior. I am no secular pagan.


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