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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 19, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Drillers Begin Reusing 'Frack Water' WSJ By ALISON SIDER, RUSSELL GOLD and BEN LEFEBVRE

    But in places such as Pennsylvania, companies have to haul the water hundreds of miles to the nearest injection wells. Injection wells pump the untreated oil-field liquids deep underground into porous rock formations for permanent disposal. There are less than 10 working injection wells in Pennsylvania, so most of its wastewater is carried by trucks into Ohio.

    In the Northeast, oil companies have to pay up to $8 per 42-gallon barrel to contractors to haul wastewater for disposal elsewhere, said Jeanie Oudin, an analyst with energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie. She said operators have reported recycling—which eliminates the cost of disposal and the cost of acquiring fresh water for fracking—can cut costs by as much as $2 per barrel in some areas when done on site, which could equate to a $200,000 savings over the lifetime of a typical well.

    I doubt there will be one technology. But thinking of Green River there will be dry technology.

    Poor Democrats in Penn. Look what you have done to yourselves. Obama is back on his Global Warming religion but the purpose is not to save the planet but achieve more government control and raise taxes.

    Lower capital investment is the third leg of artificially high food and energy costs not allowing a normal economic recovery for the next fours years. There are also no magic wands when it comes to taxes, raising marginal income rates slows investment.

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