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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Nov 19, 2012 2:30 PM Flag

    "LINE added TWO great natural gas properties during that period BUT they are very profitable. "

    Prove it.

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    • Already been proven.

      • 1 Reply to norrishappy
      • norris...look at the stories rlp is telling below....just more fantasy or more twisting what I actually did say again?

        He asked which Linn OIL properties in the last 2 years.....but asked that it not be a JV.....why because the Salt Creek was a 100% OIL acquisition. Then he says but he did not want JVs....oh 100% OIL but now JV's do not count.

        Oh, because he says so....LOL.
        Such male-cowmanure.

        I guess I should also run to check all of the acquisitions within the last two years because he said there were no oily ones, as if he really knew, yet,....that does not seem correct.

        Well, there were 54 Linn acquisitions....Maybe we can get a spread sheet of all of them for RLP from Clay and "prove" him wrong again....but should I waste the time again?

        Then he would probably just TWIST what I came up with like he TWISTED the question I posted above in this thread.

        And then he might post......see, I knew he couldn't do it...etc....Just more of the same RLP-shuffel.

        then, you may want to direct him to this:

        Cramer Talks Nat Gas
        Mon 19 Nov 12 | 06:45 PM ET
        Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains what it would take to see a move in nat gas stocks.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Since you decided to change the topic to prove something that is easily checked if you want to call Linn IR..... from what was actually is a copy for to help with that misinterpretion problem that you seem to have.

      NOTICE what was specifically asked:

      "So,......who added dry gas drilling when prices were under or near $2 to produce gas at a loss?" this post:

      RLP fails again to Show us......How long does a Bakken well last?
      Nov 18, 2012 1:35 PM
      Call all the name you like.....You are at about that maturity levele.
      And, you can ask him whatever you like...he wrote that.

      But the point remains the same:

      [The low price of natural gas tossed shares of US independent producers into the garbage. Some escaped the wrath of Mr. Market temporarily, by shifting drilling to wet gas opportunities. Others have more radically shifted their focus to unconventional oil shale opportunities. Regardless of the exact method, most are working hard to raise the mix of liquids in their production.]

      And it is repeated in presentations & conference calls over and over...GMXR, LINE, PXD, many are you going to go check to see if ANYONE did what you claim instead, which is the reverse?

      SHOW US who went the other direction as you keep posting about.....and instead of making that shift to a more oily & natural gas liquids mix?

      So,......who added dry gas drilling when prices were under or near $2 to produce gas at a loss?


      Glad you like COG....maybe you should buy more... but are still wromg about you point conceerning the SHIFT of many OIL & Gas producers toward the OILIER plays including the BAKKEN, during the period of naturel gas price collapse in late 2011 through to 2012.

      Post all the half- truths, part of the story, skewed data from people who limit to only Montana and draw incorrect conclusions from that....or the usual mere kernels of concoted data, or the usual flurry of cut & paste jobs, from any of the sources you will still be wrong on that point concerning the shift of many to more oily plays in 2012 while natural gas prices were low.

      You also pretend to forget.....that most do think that the price of natural gas WILL recover and another shift toward natural gas will take place when prices come back.

      LINE, for example is in a VERY good position to do just thatkind of shift when the prices of natural gas recover.

      By then....KOG will probably be at least 80% tied into natural gas pipelines also, if I remember the comments correctly from the last conference call.

      Anyone remember exactly what was said about the KOG gas percentage into pipelines?

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