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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Nov 20, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    RLP makes it up and hopes that you believe

    Guess that is just his posting technique.

    It seems that since the question was asked and there is no reply.....we can only assume that he made that up also

    ....because I see no example of otherwise, and I do not remember saying what he said that I said.

    I would like to se the exact wording that got him so confused though.

    I do not make "specious claims" as he said.

    I did not say anything about the profiltablity of the Linn Bakken purchases.

    So what was so confusing?


    I wonder why he sold his COG?

    Lindeman Steven W who is Vice Pres, Engineering & Tech at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (NYSE: COG), sold 3,400 shares at $47.47 per share for a total value of $161,398.

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    • Maybe he had the same reason as this guy:
      Sale 2012-11-05
      2:11 pm Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp KOG Lidstone Herrick K Jr
      (Director) 30,000 $9.269 $278,064

      He did pretty good, selling out before the stock dropped .50. I wonder if he had some insider information?

      • 2 Replies to rlp2451
      • I was unable to reply to this since there was no reply button so I will do it here.

        I do not slander....anyone, and have no reason to, and would not even if there was a reason because that is not the type of thing I would keep dreaming.

        That is just another of the RLP-shuffle names, then point the finger, too.

        You made up something that you said that I said....that I did not say.

        THIS WAS IT: ["Then you made another specious claim about the profiltablity of their Bakken purchases , and I asked you to prove that.

        Then you tell me to listen to the Linn CC or go to to their presentations. I didn't make the claim - you did. YOU prove it."]

        You posted some cut & paste of one sentence of a post of mine from October that said that Hogshooter & Bakken was making Linn profit....which is a correct statement.


        The profit is clearly described in the Linn presentations.

        The Hogshooter wells have added detail with the IP rates and a comparison to the added profit of being SEVEN times the revenue of Gas wells and the Bakken wells are also described as having an IRR of 50%......which was higher in earlier Linn presentation slides but was adjusted to 50%.

        THIS IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE and is posted right in the Linn presentations, yet you want some kind of proof...LOL

        I even asked what kind of proof you this thread and you just ignored that and did not say... it seems that it is pretty obvious what all of your chatter is seem to get caught making up stuff again and just would prefer to ignore it all and hope no one notices...again.

        And, I am not accusing you of anything.....just go re-read the thread and you will se the exact language of what you accused me of which is false.

        So, if you want to prove things....go prove what you said that I said (see your comments above in my post)....that I did not actually say....because so far you did noting, except you cleverly twisted it around.

        It is you who post falsehoods.
        Do you need a list to see them or should we just ask a few readers over at KOG or right here?

        This was your incorrect post:
        "First you said you didn't say it, then slandered me several times saying I made it up.
        Then I proved you did say it and asked you to back it up, which I knew you wouldn't, because you never do - just obfuscate the question and dance around it.
        Prior to that you accused me of saying something that I didn't. Several times.
        So, either YOU prove that I said what you said I did, or post an apology."

        When you take the time to look up the term slander....the key is "untruth"

        and what you posted about my posts was in fact untrue.

        And what you then claimed was also untrue:
        "specious claims"

        Why would I post untruths or specious claims?

        ....but we have read quite a few from you.

        So, if you want to continue to point fingers, do it while you are looking in the mirror....and when you have the Linn presentation slides in front of you, so the profit proof you keep stomping your feet asking for, is right in front of you.

        As far as more proof.

        If you merely turn around your stupid proof request (from me instead of from the company)....

        Go ahead and prove that Linn is not profiting from their Bakken and Hogshooter properties like the presentation slides will not, because you cannot.

        If you need the slide numbers so you can go check, they can be posted for you.

        You just do not stop with your debate games.

      • That does not explain why you sold ALL of yours, does it?

        And that does not even explain why he sold his...does it?

        Why not tell everyone?

        Hiding something else or did you just forget that when you burn natural gas it also makes CO2, when you posted that recent cut and paste job but forgot to read the whole article again?

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