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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Nov 20, 2012 7:59 PM Flag

    RLP makes it up and hopes that you believe

    How much "proof" would you like this time, and in what form?

    Guess we can start with some general info by Linn:

    See Slide #31 from Linn Presentation of May 23, 2012.

    Linn Hogshooter wells are producing 7X (that is SEVEN TIMES) the revenue of dry gas wells, and 65% more revenue than wet gas wells....go look at their slide.

    There is more detail on that and other slides in that presentation.

    If you really wanted the info you asked for then you would have been able to get it easily enough.

    You are just looking for another debate so you can twist more published and verifiable info into your fantasy-land RLP-shuffle, and then tell us that the decline in Marcellus area activity really does not matter all that much because production is still up..

    ............but then you fail to explain the shift to oilier plays like the move by CHK to all of those HOGSHOOTER oil wells.

    They too seem to think Hogshooter oil is more profitable than gas drilling during this period of low natural gas prices, don't they?

    Need another list of companies who made the shift toward oil & more liquids...... again?

    We did that just yesterday.

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    • BAKKEN.... You idiot...BAKKEN.

      Prove that they are making money on the BAKKEN investment.

      • 1 Reply to rlp2451
      • Your cut and paste of my post from October said Hogshooter and Bakken.

        Bakken is non-operated as you know so ther is a little more work involved.....but we did all of this why are you asking again for the same thing?

        Just to be annoying?

        We can start with Hogshooter below and some added Hogshooter(s) oil well detail from CHK.

        Linn added about 100 Bakken/Threeforks wells in 2012.
        Linn operates their Hogshooter oil wells and the data is posted. Their 1st 3 Hogshooter oil wells averaged about 2,500 boepd....they will add another aprox 20 by the end of 2012. they have EIGHT rigs working.

        ALL of the bakken wells are non-operated wells and you are asking what you are asking BECAUSE since they are drilled by either WLL, or CLR, or SM, or OAS, or BEXP, or NFX, you think that the info that you asked for will be more difficult to "prove"....just more of the old RLP-suffel.

        Sorry to inform you that it is not.

        But while looking at the profitability of the Bakken & Hogshooter wells, there is ALOT of interesting data and statistics THAT PROVE RLP wrong yet AGAIN!

        Like who cares already, since it seems to be a daily routine.

        So, with that shift in mind that you live in denial about while almost every other oil & gas company who can shift to more oilier plays went ahead and did it....start here:

        ...... at the CHK november presentation which does illustrate how wrong you are about the denial of the industry trend toward a shift to more oil & liquids.

        See slides: #4 (the August 2012 section), #6, #7 & #11, #13 on the CHK presentation.

        While you digest that....we can all scurry about to the SIX operating partners homepages of LINE and get the data to add to the "proof" that you asked for for the BAKKEN wells.....but so can you.

        This is actually a very good source because Whiting who operates LINE's sanish oil field in the Bakken also has oilfield specific data on their slides which includes the well economics for we can actually "prove" with some good data and distinguish between just any old bakken well and some that are in bakken/three forks sweet-spots.

        If you would also like the actual data for each Linn Bakken/Three forks well with the detail for production data from the Williston basin, we can get all of that too.

        Sounds like fun.

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