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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 20, 2012 1:23 PM Flag

    Sick of global warming/change propaganda!

    Ron you definitely have blinders on with this post.

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    • Opinions,

      Sorry, old chap, but I have had to remove you from contention for this year's irony-appreciation trophy.


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      • On pure emissions alone, the key points are:

        • China emits more CO2 than the US and Canada put together - up by 171% since the year 2000
        • The US has had declining CO2 for two years running, the last time the US had declining CO2 for 3 years running was in the 1980s
        • The UK is down one place to tenth on the list, 8% on the year. The country is now behind Iran, South Korea, Japan and Germany
        • India is now the world's third biggest emitter of CO2 - pushing Russia into fourth place
        • The biggest decrease from 2008-2009 is Ukraine - down 28%. The biggest increase is the Cook Islands - up 66.7%

        The Obama economy with high structural unemployment and declining living standards has resulted in our c02 'emissions' declining two years in a row. Nothing to do with Obama's $100 billion crony capitalist corruption orgy for base load wind mills and solar panels. Nothing to do with Progressive corn based ethanol corruption which produces dramatically more co2 than oil and massively more than using the natural gas directly.

        Hey it is about blind faith and being 'right' about global warming rather than doing anything mature, responsible and rational with that belief.

        Ron^3 and RLP Gasland Opinions all together in their smug corner of a natural gas board with the solution. But they are not interested in solutions but mindless egos fired by thoughts which are not their own.

        Fellow Americans please note they behave like this on a natural gas board with the simple solution in every dimension. Easy agreement as it lowers costs, creates domestic jobs, lifts living standards and reduces c02 if you happen to believe in all this irrational nonsense.

      • Oh man.................

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