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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 24, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Sick of global warming/change propaganda!

    If big oil wanted NG as the surface fuel it would of been done along time ago. They have had the monwy and know how to do the infrastructure. By seeing how NG is lower in cost oil takes the precedent for them. Bigger bucks to fill their coffers. We have a person on this board that loves to blame Obama and the EPA. The fact is big oil wants it to stay this way and control what we do as a country. Ask yourselves this why haven't they started infrastructure build out? Why hasn't big oil put NG pumps in yet at their stations?
    As far as contributing to planting if they won't put in NG infrastructure for the nation why would they contribute to the ecology?

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    • Ah the heathen puppet show has nearly a full cast.

      Over half of Americans have natural gas service in their homes. The home fueling stations technology exists and unlike the economically impossible base load physics of solar, wind and corn ethanol corruption, it is a simple matter of manufacturing scale and competition bring down prices. So tax credits would work.

      Natural gas home service runs about $1 gasoline gallon equivalent. An NG commuter is 30% cleaner or more than a battery car - which does not work.

      There is only one primary person who should take responsibility for the $100 billions in direct waste to crony capitalists for base load solar and wind. Further as Obama controls the EPA he alone is responsible for the $50+ billion American consumers must pay in higher gasoline and food prices.

      Lets see. End Obama 'alternative energy corruption' +$150 billion in revenue then add tax receipts and royalty payments from natural gas development +$300 billion. Then as both reflect improved efficiency it goes through an economic multiplier of at least 3 times.

      Oh and not to mention the 40% reduction in co2 if one is simple minded enough to claim base load solar and wind have any material impact on the equation. Which they do not of course.

    • You have the little companies such as CLNE WPRT as examples trying to build infrastructure for this country. Where is big oil with the helping hand? No where in sight. It is ridiculous that they sit back raking it in with out any help towards a nation building infratsructure for NG.

    • Whatever numbnuts norris wrote it must be useless and blaming someone else instead of big oil on lack of building out infratsructure for NG in this country. Why ask big oil to do this on a NG investor board, Let big oil just keep NG as a spot fuel instead of the main fuel on a nat gas investor board. Why ask them to take some of their big bicks and start helping. Not onlt would this creat more jobs but it would create permanent jobs for the future. No instead we say don't upset bg oil or they will get upset. If they don't want to be the leaders in this industry then levy a tax on them to put towards the NG infrastructure. But no not on a NG investor board where we want NG to be the main fuel.

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