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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 20, 2012 6:50 PM Flag

    There Are 500 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Gas Under Those Disputed Islands In The South China Sea Read more:

    While China's leadership transition captured the world's attention, it was away from that spotlight that the Chinese state revealed a crucial bit of information that says a lot about what motivates its foreign policy.
    Wang Yilin, head of Cnooc, China’s state-controlled energy group said today that the South China Sea region could have as much as 17 billion tonnes of oil and 498 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Leslie Hook of the Financial Times reports that the oil and gas that could be extracted would double China's reserves, and may prove enough natural gas to fulfill China's needs for more than a century.
    This might explain why China has taken sovereignty in the region so seriously. China is locked in a territorial dispute with Vietnam and the Philippines over control of areas of the sea, harassing survey ships working for PetroVietnam in Vietnamese-claimed waters and blocking efforts by the Philippine Navy to combat illegal fishing by Chinese ships in Philippine-claimed waters.
    These actions also brought a war of words with the US, an ally of the Philippines.
    Energy concerns may also go some way to explaining the spat with Japan over control of islands in the East China Sea.


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    • And lets not forget the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor only after the USA cut off the Japanese oil supply. The Japanese had only a 90 day supply of oil to fuel their economy when this happened.

      Hitler invaded Russia to get at the oil fields in the Caucusus region.

      Decisions made based on the economics of securing fuel supplies are often overlooked in the history books. China will act in the best interests of China and that includes securing fuel supplies for its economy. The South China Sea could be the next "flash" point in world history.

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      • China is no democracy and they do not care about our Progressive Pagans Global Warming irrational flat earth faith. Except that it makes America a toothless and useless idiot.

        National strength and power flows from the economy and individual living standards.

        Efficiency means doing more with less.

        The pagan Progressives trying to enforce earth worship demand to impose every other America live with less and allow the excess populations of the earth starve. It is the only way to explain why the hear heart insanity of food based ethanol continues in America.

        Chinese have already stopped it to follow natural gas to displace oil. .