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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Nov 22, 2012 10:10 PM Flag

    So, how about profitable is the Bakken?

    You are still waiting for the clown in the mirror to go ask the question to ND that you want an answer to ...LOL

    But, that is finally an interesting question.

    I checked.

    Hess needs at least $40/Bbl oil price....(not anywhere near $100) in the Bakken.

    The state of ND says that the NET profit for the typical Bakken well is $20 Million each.

    But the EUR that they used for the $20 Million nET PROFIT per Bakken Well was 615,000 Bbl of oil.

    If you look at the newer EURs for some the Bakken wells range in the 1 million range at the higher end.

    Hess is doing developments that are pretty much all at 1 million...NOW, for their dual laterals in the Bakken which cost around $11 million each, which is slightly more than the typical Bakken well.

    So, while he typical Bakken well should be around $20 Million NET PROFIT when that presentation was delivered by Lynn Helms in ND,

    ........... Hess should already be looking at the $32,500,000 number for their Bakken dual laterals which are at 1 million EURs....NOW!

    I expect lots of others to follow within the next few years and I expect the NET PROFIT of those to be between $20 Million & 32 million NET PROFIT each ...... really are a clown.

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