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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 24, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Sick of global warming/change propaganda!2

    I know it is fashionable and necessary for the all so foppish progressive to blame Obama completely failure on others. His 'enemies' rather than opponents with a completely different philosophy - consistent with out Founding Documents.

    GE is close to a low cost natural gas home filling unit. If Obama slapped his solar and corn ethanol specialist interest corruption on it - it would take off.

    $1 a gallon gge and cleaner than those hopeless battery cars which simply do not work.

    But unlike the great dams and the freeway system Obama never 'wants' what will work. Rather like any good socialist collectivist he wills what has already failed like base load solar, wind and most especially corn ethanol corruption.

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    • When I look at where corn is grown in this country I see a bunch of "Red" states. Pure Republican country. I wonder where the drive for ethanol subsidies comes from ? People love to blame Obama for everything, even rain of a day when you have a picnic planned. Grow up. Do you people have any idea how silly you sound to rational adults ?

      • 1 Reply to gpd8252
      • Nice try.

        The Obama regime alone controls the corn ethanol mandates.

        The majority of Republicans Congressman and Senators (joined by some Democrats) asked the Obama controlled EPA to follow the RFS law and reduced the mandates. Despite a world on fire the EPA claimed mandates have no added materially to the cost of food. Guess we have democracy in the Middle East as well?

        Do you really believe we can destroy 40%+ of the corn crop and not impact prices?

        That is the sad thing. The Progressive shadow puppets will do anything to rationalize rather than reason for themselves like the unique individual creation God hope they would make the choice to be.

        This is not a Republicans verses Democrat thing. This is all rational Americans against never before witnessed levels of hard heart and mean spirit Progressive corruption.