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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 24, 2012 6:35 PM Flag

    As norris's propaganda machine rolls on

    So why would there be thumbs down on asking big oil to particiapte in Ng infrastructure in our country. A faster build out would mean a quicker indepedence. Unless we have some that want to protect big oil for some reason as they run this country.

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    • The American economy was built on allowing the competitor with the best solution to win. By our consumer votes not political mandate.

      Allowing Progressive to mandate who does what results in the energy and economic mess which Obama has made our reality. Corn ethanol corruption no one but the most tiny sliver of crony interest wants? More of this Progressive crony capitalism like this?

      All that is required is a clear signal to the market that our government will not get in the way of at home natural gas fueling. We all understand Obama is about to jump in front of our economy with both feet with power his EPA does not have the Constitutional authority to wield.

      Home fueling solves the chicken and egg problem of adoption easily.

      Last thing America needs is Progressives teaming up with their crony capitalists to mandate their profits rather than competing for our hard earned money.

      So of course this is why the Opinions of the blind faith gasland belier RLP says this foolishness over and over again.

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