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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 26, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    OT: SDRL....earnings and dividends...!

    Ah the gambler returns with his Opinions.

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    • Norrishappy
      You are a A__ Hole and you are blasting Stagg again!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Stop it.............
      I got an offer for ya..........Let go MANO e MANO any time, any where, you name it.
      We had a name for people like you in Vietnam ---coward!
      Leave Mr. STAGG alone he posts material that we all can think about and if we chose to reply
      we do so with regard to other people feelings --you however have no respect for others, certainly no shame for your constant belittling of message board posters.

      You are a troll, go find a bridge and lurk there for goodness sake.
      Like I said, lets met up, and we can go at it ==name the place and time
      Coward that you are --I am calling you out!
      The Sarge

      • 2 Replies to madmax_194752
      • Hey sarge i would love to see a good #$%$ kicking of this person. He sits back attacks and hides behind a puter as these types normaly do. He dishs it oit but cowers when he gets it right back going into his dog and pony show of saying i will protect yopur rights but not live the way you wish me too. Norris is a waste and keeps provong day after day. He is best ignored or challenged as you have done. Well done sarge. But he is a shell of a man.

      • If you think I am going to forgo my duty as an Americans to exposure a charlatan liar like Stag willing to say or do anything for corrupt profits then you are mistaken. Most especially when his corn ethanol corruption puts great economic hardship on working class Americans and starves other human beings to death.

        You and $ tag other peoples go freely associate with each other - although it is most likely just another outbreak of multiple personality disorder.

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