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  • bravesfan227 bravesfan227 Dec 5, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    GOP cleaning house on the Tea partiers and norris

    Over 50% of Americans voted for another $38.5 billion cut in spending out of our $3.5 trillion budget. The fiscal cliff is coming whether they don't want to cut spending or not.

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    • Well to remember Obama won by inflaming the negative passions of the very Americans his policies punish the most with hardship. That the tiny amount of benefit full redistribution collectivism could offer does not come remotely close to the hardship his unenlightened policies impose.

      Food prices even higher than the inflationary spike which was a key factor in the housing collapse.

      Hanging Americans with oil prices by outlawing our domestic coal and doing nothing to allow us to fully benefit from our cheap, clean and job creating natural gas.

      Allowing his radical EPA to outlaw our coal and force the insanity of even more corn ethanol corruption while not allowing our natural gas to offset the horrendous economic impact is not amoral but immoral by any enlightened ethical or rational standard. As we see morals and rationality has nothing to do Progressives and their works.

      Any one trained in economics knows the only solution is economic growth driving more government revenue. It is the one which is impossible when Progressives destroys goods demand by forcing our living standards to fall. Only to serve their humanity hating earth goddess.

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