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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Dec 5, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

    LINE Yield Now Greater Than LNCO

    Might just be a statistical quirk, but at the current price, LINE's yield is 7.5% while LNCO's is 7.45%

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    • people shifting from LINE to LNCO due to IRA tax considerations?

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      • Far more likely, it seems to me, would be K-1 considerations. Considering LINE's UBTI losses (which can be carried forward),I think that IRA concerns shouldn't play much of part in switching by those who grasp what's up with Linn Energy and UBTI. (And I must admit that I was dead wrong when I felt that LINE would likely command a 2 to 3 point premium over LNCO because of expected tax increases a few years out plus a distribution cut in the longer term when LNCO's internal dist. basis drops to zero. Investors don't seem to be looking that far to the future.)

    • This is sadly all which can be expected from RLP and the rest of the OLB troop.

      THose that took the opportunity to switch from LINE to LNCO at the IPO have done better than all the OLB members. Fact.

    • wow....
      did you also compare the returns for the last year with lets say EVEP which shows a total return of a loss of 5.94% ....a return of -5.94 %.....even after 4 dividends were paid when we look at the buyupside backtest calculator................ while LINE is up 11.29% during the same one year?

      When is it going to $93 like you said?

      I remember your prediction on them both.

      "Baird Raises EVEP target to $93 from, Jul 19, 2011
      The Baird analyst has raised his price target today. He is one of the few who has done his homework, in my opinion, and I agree with his analysis."

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