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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 5, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

    norris.......comparing some to LINE

    Well....NRF shows 57.48%

    Nice job.

    Looks like you & Jack did have some pretty good picks.

    There is lots of interesting news out about Continental Resources and it is also affecting some of the othe Bakken producers who are drilling near the CLR 14-multi-well-pad.

    They started Charlotte......and, this will be big.

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    • If the Charlotte 3-22H continues to perform in line with the second bench Charlotte 2-22H, it will be the first well to establish commercial production in the third bench.

      Hi Sand,

      You mean shock of shocks Mr. Hamm is being proven correct about the size and complexity of the already recoverable oil in the Bakken? That likely Bakken and using natural gas could completely eliminate imports of oil to North America?

      Or we can go on RLP's prattle about well decline rates and no need for infrastructure because the Bakken is at full production?

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      • That CLR Charlotte drilling is pretty close to KOG Koala block acreage.

        "(12/3/2012 - OGI: Denver) Continental Resources has successfully completed the Charlotte 3-22H, the first horizontal well to test the third bench (TF3) of the Three Forks zone in the Bakken Trend of North Dakota and Montana.

        The company said today that the Charlotte 3-22H flowed 953 boe/d at 1,700 psi on a 28/64-inch choke in its initial 24-hr test. Located in McKenzie County, North Dakota, it was drilled to a total measured depth of 21,324 ft (6,499 meters), including a 9,701-ft lateral section, and was completed with Continental's standard 30-stage fracture stimulation design.

        "We're very pleased with the initial performance of the Charlotte 3-22H," said Harold Hamm, chairman and CEO. "The well has been producing for 15 days and its performance compares favorably with other first bench (TF1) and second bench (TF2) producing Three Forks wells."

        If the Charlotte 3-22H continues to perform in line with the second bench Charlotte 2-22H, it will be the first well to establish commercial production in the third bench.

        "This could be a real game-changer," Hamm said. "The Charlotte 3-22H is the first well in a 14-well program that we plan to complete by yearend 2013 to test productivity of the second, third, and fourth benches of the Three Forks over a broad area of the play."

        The 1280-acre Charlotte unit is the first unit in the Bakken Field to have wells producing from three separate horizons - the Middle Bakken, TF2, and TF3 zones.

        Continental estimated in late 2010 that the Bakken Field would eventually yield 24 billion boe, based on technology available at that time. This estimate included 20 billion bbl of oil and 4 billion boe of natural gas, and assumed 577 billion bbl of original oil in place in the Bakken and TF1. With the addition of oil found in the lower Three Forks benches, which includes the TF2, TF3, and TF4, the company now estimates the field has 903 billion bbl of original oil in place, a 57% increase.

        "The successful completion of the Charlotte 3-22H is another step in our efforts to #$%$ the productivity and reserve potential of the lower benches of the Three Forks which is one of the goals of our 2013 drilling program," said Jack Stark, senior vice president for exploration. "The results are very encouraging and indicate there may be upside to our estimate of 24 billion boe of recoverable reserves for the Bakken Field."

        Continental is the operator of the Bakken Field and the Charlotte 3-22H well with 91% interest. "

      • Maybe his friends miss him over at KOG?
        He seems a bit less noisy on the days it goes up.

        If you have time later, in addition to the CLR news about Charlotte, KOG presented today in NY at the Wells Fargo Annual Pipeline & MLP & Energy Symposiums and the replay of the presentation will be posted in a couple of would find it interesting.

        You can get to it through the KOG webpage.

    • yea don't ask them about the ones that haven't or aren't doing very well. It is all sunshine and little bunnies in yours, norris's and jacks little worlds. To funny.............

    • NRF from this year started at 4,74 and is now 6.65. This is a inside joke right? Geesh what are you guppies in a big boys ocean.

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      • Well if you do not like NRF how about PPG and WMT you did not like? How is selling VZ at my price working out so far?

        The selective memory of the OLB troopers is an interesting. We will see but I am really not worried about Microsoft at these prices. It is definitely the most interesting of the lot right now.

        One would have to come to the conclusion you all do it on purpose in a very dishonest way. Based on long term sampling of behavior.

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