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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 6, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Linn total return vs Alerian index total return

    There is a very interesting slide on the current presentation.

    Please see slide #21.

    It shows that the Linn energy total return since 2006 is 260% and, the Alerian MLP TR Index is 157%.

    This is worth mentioning because this was discussed here at length before.

    Since those discussions, a similar slide has been added to the Linn presentaton that specifically relates to the total returns for both.

    So, for any who remember those discussions forom the past...

    ......this slide should clear up any doubt.....that when Mr. Rockov said (at that time) that Linn had returned almost twice the Alerian index since Linn went public...... the numbers in this slide and the other similar slides do support his comment.

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    • This was discredited a year ago, yet you are so bereft of ideas you have nothing better to do than re-open old arguments. Pretty sorry stuff.

      There's nothing wrong with LINE but a lot of imbecilities are written on this board.
      norris is the king of gibberish ranting, but you're not much better.
      What happened to the charts of dozens of companies that you used to trot out as automated response to every statement, no matter whether your charts had any relevance to the topic under discussion? I guess yahoo won't let you post them anymore. The new MB rules have some advantages.

      • 4 Replies to lizahuang54321
      • Sand and norris deserve each. One lives in the past and then lies that he doesn't start trouble. The other is just idiotic and proves his own self wrong after every post of a prediction that will happen. They are probably married to each other.

      • The claims you attempt to maintain are intellectually primitive and willfully so. By you own admission you cannot do enterprise financial level analysis or forecasts. In fact we know from your completely spurious claims about Incentive distribution rights always being earned and having no impact to future earnings power, you are functionally ignorant of the subject at hand.
        Let us supposed we begin with 130 pagan earth worshipping priests claiming to be in good with the coin toss god. So we have them prove they have special magic powers and prediction. We all KNOW 7 is a lucky number and after seven trials there you would be claiming to be the pagan with mostest. But in reality those of us apply probability math would expect one to get all seven trials correct.
        But your claims are so outlandish simply because you claim to be the pagan priest with the mostests. In good with the coin toss god. For us your claim to be the one we expect is only 1/130 or .0077 otherwise known as less than 1%. Yes possible but it would be irrational to believe your most improbable claims.
        Perhaps you are truly delusional but that does not make you look any less foolish to folks who have taken the time to have an informed opinion.

        It is possible that you have been the lucky one with no understanding of why it is so. But it is not reasonable of any rational person to believe you are THE lucky one. Simple as that.

      • The funny posts of last year when you tried so hard to be right, but Jack just seemed to be up a mile ahead somewhere. You did sound pretty pathetic after his posts.

        These typical comments just bring back some funny post-memories.

        " bereft of ideas "
        "Pretty sorry stuff."
        "gibberish ranting"
        "you're not much better"

        Any of these sound familiar?

        The Conflict of interest in MLPs that Jack described and revealed.Yuo had lots to say about the conflict in MLPs that Jack pointed out.....right?

        He showed that there is actually an incentive fee for QRE when you said there was none.And he posted the actual language....from the QRE documents.

        Mr. Rockov said that Linn returned almost 200% of the Alerian index since Linn went public but you refuse to believe it.
        Then it turns eventually up on a Linn presentation slide while you insisted that it must have been wrong...Ooops!

        If I remember, your favorite logically fallacy seemed to be affirming the consequent.

        But please don't forget:

        The "Mumbo Jumbo"
        Jack lied
        Fuzzy math
        Fancy logic

      • Don't worry someday some readers here might forget what you wrote about Mr. Rockov.

        And, while you kept insisting more and more, the only thing that I remember that was eventually actually discredited was your incorrect claim that Mr. Rockov lied when he said that Linn returned almost TWICE the Alerian index since Linn went public.....isn't that correct?

    • who cares you are just rehashing old junk to start another argument on this board. Yiou were alot better being silent. Just for the fact that we wouldn't have to read your continuous old heckling topics.

    • Hi Sand,

      Oh course the few OLB troopers will wait and then start up again. Same old same old.

      Folks should really love the flexibility in the GW to manage production.

      Do you have any thoughts on the Bakken land?

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