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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 10, 2012 10:49 AM Flag

    OT: ALDW AND TWO...!

    So to get the same value as gasoline the price per gasoline gallon equivalent would be $3.65 whole sale. But superior less polluting gasoline is $2.72.

    Now the OLB supports a corrupt $ Tag other Americans money.

    But what is really happening is you are paying $0.93 more than you should on every tenth gallon on gasoline you buy. About 36% more than you should thanks to Obama Progressive crony capitalist corruption.

    This so America can make gasoline our number one export.

    Yea the corn monster also has a 25% yielder which is a sure money maker. But it does not even understand what the risk factor is that some one would sell off such a great business.

    OH ethanol does not create net energy and it does increase total pollution. The completely $13 billion we pay for the EPA forced mandate for gasoline is a tiny fraction of the higher food and energy costs destroying our poor and working classes. Sadly Obama with the aid of a dishonored press tricked these Americans into voting for.

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