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  • jackhiller Dec 11, 2012 12:45 AM Flag

    OT iblongshort

    See Line mb post at:
    Friendly advice re energy sector and Hybrid MREITs by jackhillerDec 6, 2012 4:53 AM

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    • Glad to see that you are still around Jack!
      I agree with merits and I have picked up an old investment of yours (TWO) along with still holding ARR. I think that with TWO, one might get silver bay as a gift.
      As far as NG, I belive that COs that will do well while there is a glut in NG will be those who will either transport it to countries who's NG prices are much higher like China & Europe (now 3-4 times higher) & those who are building the NG super highway across Canada & Northern USA. How about the one who builds the next generation of engines along with Cummins (wprt) & also the only CO that now is expanding a export plan & also the only one who has a US permit so far to export NG.
      I know its early for these COs to shoot up but I want to be in @ the bottom.
      Good luck always Jack--------Gayle

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Jack, in doing some research for one of the hybrid mreits that you mentioned....WMC....I noticed that the Price/book is only 0.41 on Yahoo...........

      ............ and the book value is listed as over $ you know if that is about correct and why that is, compared to the share price ....if it is correct?

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      • jackhiller Dec 11, 2012 10:12 AM Flag

        PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation (WMC) today reported net income for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012 of $28.2 million, or $2.72 per share. The Company also reported a net book value of $21.76 per share as of September 30, 20121.

        Substantial recent insider buying, and its my largest position, followed by AMTG, and then a new MLP refiner, ALDW, with very high yield (no IDR and no subordinated units to siphen off profits). MTGE is so well regarded in this tough market that it's trading at book value with comparatively low yield, so I traded out, but plan to buy back later.

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