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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 12, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    NRP Presentation

    Well done at a level individual investors can understand and benefit from. Very good general back ground in the energy markets.

    From a rational policy prospective of rational American Patriots meeting our Founders definition

    Which countries consumer coal

    China 49%
    America 14%
    India 8%

    Growth in coal consumption

    China 155%
    India 104%

    True China and India probably have massive reserves of natural gas. But stated economic agenda is to use that domestic natural gas to displace imported oil and displace coal.

    So rather than making reasonable regulations to work towards large base load coal plants and encouraging a technology tree towards poly-generation our EPA effectively outlawed out vast energy supply. In the name of the man made Global Warming faith for which it will not make the slightest change in their model assumptions.

    All which has been achieved is loss of excellent American jobs but also the transfer of our national resource wealth at bargain basement prices to provide Asia with a massive competitive advantage over America.

    What will get our natural gas prices up is a true economic expansion. Getting our natural gas displacing oil. Artificially making electricity cost much more by throwing away perfectly good and clean coal plants before the end of their useful life is no help in the long run.

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    • norris interesting article on Continental Resources...

      One Bakken Stock to Rule Them All

      By Kirk Spano - December 10, 2012

      This is only part of it:

      "•Continental has the ability and potential to acquire smaller players with complimentary properties. In North Dakota, Kodiak Oil and Gas has adjacent and proximate acreage to Continental's, as well as a market cap at a digestible $2.2 billion.

      •Continental is also a potential take-over target by larger players such as Exxon, which recently bought a Williston Basin competitor of Continental's."

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