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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 17, 2012 2:34 PM Flag

    EIA Sees Linn Energy as a Buying Opportunity

    I thought that you think that you knew enough about Linn Energy to write half of a book.

    So, you need them to tell you that Linn is a buying opportunity?

    Waiting and hoping to buy it like ronharv at $32...or, is it a buy at $35-36?

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    • Your continued ignorance is astounding. Do you know anything about puts and calls?
      Ask Daddy Norris to explain it to you.

      And yes, I do know enough about Linn to write a WHOLE book, not hat you'd ever understand a word of it.

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      • Except the most basic as to why LNCO and LINE would sell at rough parity. That material divergence is opportunity rather than proof your occult investment theories work.

        Yes you write books. Fantasy books.

        Poor Bart.

      • Your continued ignorance is astounding.

        And, you seem to think alot of yourself.

        Let us know why the Williston basin takeawy capacity will be at 3.1 MILLION barrels per day in 4 years.....just after you compare that small piece of info to the slide #15 that you are so confused about from Lynn Helms's office in ND.


        ......where did that number of 3.1 MILLION barrels per day come from if the state of ND has a slide that shows something can tell us....right?

        I did not just make it you like to do.

        After you talk to Allison about Continental Resources presentation slides that you keep avoiding....LOL

        You are so lost it really is pretty funny.

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