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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Dec 18, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

    This is all i want for Christmas

    So we have 4 down thimbs. That say keep semi auto guns in society so they can kill more people.
    Interesting that people would agree to killing our own people faster with these types of guns that fall into bad hands. Yea more clips more bulletts more deaths. yipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeee you clowns. Why do you 4 need semi autos for protection? When a pistol would be just fine. Remember this is for protection not killing. Do hunters use semi auto guns for hunting. Nope they sure don't So why do you 4 knukle heads need them?

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    • I think you better learn a few facts before engaging your senseless opinions. "Do hunters use semi auto guns for hunting?" The #1 selling hunting rifle sold in the US is the AR-15. Is it semi auto? Yes! Do you even know what semi auto means? It means when you pull the trigger you fire 1 shot and the gun ejects the spent cartridge. While you're at it, brush up on your spelling & grammar so you don't continue to advertise your ignorance to the world.