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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 18, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    Merry Christmas! - Jon Stewart audience strikes back!

    Oh hostile pagan gods who share power over others for worship rather the Loving, Providential Creator gifting each unique creation rights found in our Declaration, Constitution and Framer's Farewell Address must have equal treatment? Why so?

    America has done better than any other peoples on earth and secularism always fails in Europe. Then in our goodness we save them from themselves over and over and over again. This time I am afraid all we can do his offer them hospice care as they bow out of history.

    Do you think the French would like it if Jon agreed to go over and attend to them?

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    • Jon steward does not cater to a fox tv audience. They prefer rush limbaugh.

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      • Yea but Jon's owes everything he has to Fox News. The other guy to - what is his name? Little O'rielly. I mean that guy testified before the Progressives in Congress in his character - which of course is imaginary. I believe it is also true more pagan Progressives get their hard news coverage from Jon and Mr. little altered O than MSNBC, CNN or National Peoples Radio combined?

        So those shows pretty much serve like the land of the misfit toys for lost audiences this time of year. What a shame Jon declares war on all religion embracing individual uniqueness with worth and rights Gifted by the Creator and then leaves his audience all alone in the cold for the longest coldest night of the pagan winter solstice observances.

        But instead he leaves you all out in public calling names, hurling insults, challenging to fist fights and just general nastiness. Hum, maybe that is why he runs off?