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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 18, 2012 7:13 PM Flag

    OT: Cabot Oil Sets New Production Record in the Marcellus

    Yes RLP that is very nice. But they flare rich gas in the Bakkens until pipe can be extended.

    As we all know thanks to Sand permits for future drilling in Marcellus is way down. Something to do with economics and the inability of our economy to put the world's lowest cost natural gas to work.

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    • As we know the white house wants to export nat gas. So as norris wants everyone to know. Our white House is for nat gas. We have an abundance we can make money on. It takes time to build out the facilities but OB's is all for it. Nat gas price won'y go up that much world wide or here. Stated on Kudlows show.

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      • "Nat gas price won'y go up that much world wide or here. "

        Nope you did not understand again but that never stops you. Natural gas is priced to oil or above every where else in the world. That is why American can make a great deal of money exporting it.

        "As we know the white house wants to export nat gas"

        Nope the government report Obama claimed to be waiting on supports exports for revenue and job creation. I believe that report is incorrect on the impact to natural gas prices as it did not factor in Obama abusing EPA power to outlaw domestic coal to benefit Americans.

        Oh and Obama promised the coal unions he would make sure they kept their jobs. As they were being laid off during the election he claimed more coal miner were at work than ever before.

        So it takes a special type of primitive to claim Obama is for exporting gas even before he says so.

        My goodness you seem so much worse now that Tiny Jon has left and taken your Christmas with him.

    • Do you know what this means?

      "Poster's Note: Poster's Note: This is 25% MORE than ALL the companies in the Bakken produce combined."

      Is that kinda like saying that the one big CHK Hogshooter well (IP rate) has produced more than all of the rest of the compaanies combined in the Marcellus?

      gee....why might that be?

      marcellus is not an oil play but it is a gas play.


      So, now he is comparing a gas play to an oil play (the bakken) to make some irrelevant twisted point?

      What is the point?

      "This is 25% MORE"....of what.... gas? the bakken, an oil ?

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