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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Dec 19, 2012 7:40 AM Flag

    Linn Bond

    Been a while since I have seen anyone actually post a topic germane to Linn, E&P, futures prices, hedges, acquistions, the MLP sector in general etc.

    This was once a great board, but it appears norris has run them all off.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how low Linn goes? Wasn't this supposed to have bond like characteristics (wink, wink).....

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    • Yes. Norris said so, not too long ago:
      "Line has bond like qualities and it might stand in for a bond ."

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      • I tend to agree with the Norris quote. I think of LINE as about 50% bond and 50% equity in terms of its behavior the past several years. The dist. in times of interest-rate stability provides a safety net and the equity aspect offers growth potential over the longer term, growth that's ultimately connected to dist. increases. I own a number of corporate bonds and bond funds and they're behind LINE in profits but not by a jaw-dropping amount. So as a kind of hybrid LINE does behave more as bond OR equity during any given period but, overall, is subject to both the pushes and pulls that drive the corporate bond market as well as energy equities. (Right now I hope the equity aspect of LINE kicks in, as I bought Jan.36 calls a couple of days ago at 1.17 and would like to sell covered calls at an attractive price once again. The latter trade requires a price above 41 for me to feel comfortable.) QUALIFICATION: This hybrid view of LINE is just my personal take; I could be all wet.

      • Clearly the investment lunatics have not been driven off! What we have here seems to be a winter solstice gathering. Actually unlike the fluttering troopers I believe in free speech.

        They have magical powers to time the market.
        Need not worry about the business carrying more and more cost in the form of management incentives up to 50% of all new cash flow.
        Options are a completely inefficient market and are easily beaten
        Fortunes can be made by back fitting past returns even if it is illegal for a pro to make the claim.
        Little William claims long term contracts on a recommendation without bothering to actually read even the presentation.
        Then we have outbreaks of starving human beings for Progressive corn ethanol corruption on a natural gas board with the solution of all places!
        I guess to be good it has to be random and completely irresponsible.

        Ah but it is not a bond is it? Just showing how little RRB bothers to learn, again.

        Never mind all the repeated and repeatable science proves all the above and their insanity not listed is impossible! But they do understand Global Warming 'science' which is not proven! Just do not bother them with the 'fancy' stuff. So science based!

        I do enjoy this crescendo of angry investment lunacy today. Guess this is supposed to be a lunatic social club rather than a rational investment board. If could be another SFL board! Oh joy. Think of it. An entire heard just blowing away Buffett every day, every week, every month every year every decade.

        And it is the Christians who are irrational! So we must remove God with his Blessing of Liberty as ordained by our Founders' so they can run our government by the same why they invest. Pure irrational insanity born of the most willful ignorance as encouraged by Tiny Jon.

        Merry Christmas Americans! Christian Liberty comes with the duty to be rationally purposeful and productive.

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