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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 19, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    See what you have done Tiny Jon by running off and leaving your audience alone on the longest coldest night of secular Paganism?

    "What a real cave man you are Go to helllll-o with your lies about others."

    I do not want any one to go to hell..

    Hey with Christmas all Americans got July Fourth and Thanksgiving off work too. We even started saying Merry Christmas even when Lutheran Pastors were not to happy about it, to be friendly and inclusive. But then again five Lutherans signed our Constitution, which does not go along at all with absolute separation of church and state doctrine of Two Kingdoms. They had enough faith that Americans of good character could manage our own affairs without an elite. (Equipped with all we had learned in support of public education.)

    I mean you would think Tiny Jon would have been happy about this. But noooooo! A day off with people running around giving gifts, putting up happy decorations, spending time with family/friends, going to church; only if the wish to, is so much more boring than the alternatives.

    I mean I read the Greek women used to get naked and run singing around in the mountains for the solstice. The way things are going certainly some are doing that again.

    Crowds of people, called wrenboys, take to the roads in various parts of IRELAND, dressed in motley clothing, wearing masks or straw suits and accompanied by musicians. The practice involved the killing of a wren, and singing songs while carrying the bird from house to house, stopping in for food and merriment.

    Now I know Tiny Jon does not want Mr. O, Hannity or Cavuto (half hearted) reverting back to the old ways and visiting him on what would have been Christmas?

    I mean how great to be Jewish without that stuff in the family closet! So relax it could be much worse than Merry Christmas!

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    • Where is that proof about me calling you a religous bigot. Or is that in your book of lies you want for christmas? Proof man proof or are you above everything and everyone that you have to post ficticous wrongs? As i said go to helll=o until you fess up that you made that up. You deserve no christmas or forgiveness from our lord above. Until you repent about all your lies that you have put forth. look out lightning is waiting for you till you acknowledge that you were not being forth coming about what you said i posted towards you.

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      • "You deserve no christmas or forgiveness from our lord above"

        No imperfect person earns God's Grace. We can accept it and make the effort to be better each morning.

        I am no universalist but I am also mindful of My Christ's statement he has others not of this fold.

        At the same time the Good Book provides some very clear examples of pagan and heathen 'rites' that certainly are not in this fold. Most all the old pagan winter solstice stuff is covered. But still the early church did honor Cicero as a Just pagan. I logically agree with their opinion. He was a Pagan who could meet the Framers definition of Patriot.

        I believe God gifts Americans Liberty and free will. I will protect your right to be a social free loader who uses the gift of liberty for nothing more than self absorption. But you have no authority to alter my conscience as to the nature of your behavior. But I will say the Occupy Wall Street Pagans has no right to indulge their beliefs at society's expense and danger.

        You as an American have a right to be a pagan, in America. But being a pagan is no excuse for unjust or uncivilized behavior. True Progressive do not agree but then there is nothing left of our Founding Philosophy or traditions in their agenda or demands.


    • We don't need any more of your quotes for they mean nothing coming from a person that talks out of the other side of their mouth.Never does what he tells everyone else should do. You really should be ashame that you quote such rspective people in the past when you sit back and post untruths before christmas.

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