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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Dec 28, 2012 9:01 AM Flag

    Idiotic Comparisons

    There are a few people here (and everyone knows who they are) who just seem to want to downgrade any post that isn't posted by themselves, or have an idea that isn't theirs.

    I can come up with dozens of comparisons as they have that have NO relation to the subject matter, as they try to somehow draw a comparison to the original poster's intent.

    A new toy has been found by this self-appointed guru in lieu of posting charts now he uses some simple calculator that supposedly proves some point that is known only to him and his faux progenitor.

    My suggestion to everyone here is to ignore his simple minded posts and try to resume discussion on the original topic no matter how much he and his cohort clog up the board.

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    • You lie with purpose of retarding development of America's economically viable energy sources.

      Just as Stag will post deception about corn based ethanol corruption against the interest of every investor in a natural gas company.

      To reason together to mutual benefit does not require bargaining but rather simple honestly and objectivity of participants. This is the basis of the ancient Greek reason and all sound religion. It is logically necessary.

      To avoid it olb members run wild with claims of Buffett/Munger beating results on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and decade basis. Even when Buffett has long stretches of below market returns.

    • Some examples that have NO relationship to the original posters' question, using this new toy (which has little use because it all depends on when a person buys the shares/units, making "recommendations" pretty much pointless. Nevertheless, I promised to show some examples of companies that I have mentioned here):

      PSEC: +27.2
      TCAP: +40%
      COG: +31.4%
      RNF: +153.3%
      BIP: +30.9%

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      • Since you said this twice and it is false:
        "NO relationship to the original posters' question"

        It is probably time to clear up some more of your incorrect comments.

        There was a list of US royalty trusts that was posted with a comment about the yields...only.

        The list was researched to include the yields for each one but with the performance during the last year also....together resulting in a Total Return for each..

        ...and with the added info....they ALL lost during last year....

        .............which is not mentioned in the original list of trusts and is important to know.....right?

        So, you do not seem to like charts, do not seem to like stagg's online calculators....and seem to prefer to hide relevant info that could be that about correct?

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