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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 30, 2012 7:22 PM Flag

    BIG news on Emerging industry(s) based on flared gas in ND

    Gassy pipes.....gas plants, fertilizer plants.....rethinking the way gas is used where it is produced by a few interesting presenters in ND.

    On December 18,2012 there was a group of presentations from North Dakota about the use of gas that is now flared.

    You can hear the presentations/webinars....if you can find them.

    There are several very interesting uses ranging from onsite fertilizer production to LNG & CNG production WITHOUT pipelines.......right there on site at the well pads.

    There is now about 240 MM cft/day being flared and the percentage of gas that is now flared is at 30% of what gas is produced.

    This is only the first few presenters info:

    Beowulf Energy LLC announced it has acquired the rights to N-Flex distributed ammonia technology — a process that converts low-cost natural gas or stranded electrical power to high-value nitrogen products. Production of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer can be produced at the point of demand.
    Ammonia production was commercialized 99 years ago and until now has focused on developing larger mega plants in gas rich nations like Trinidad, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has become a major ammonia importer and now faces shortages after 40 percent of U.S. production was dismantled during the past decade as U.S. natural gas prices spiked.
    N-Flex’s small-scale distributed ammonia production is positioned to succeed under the new conditions of low-cost natural gas, high-price ammonia and extreme logistics challenges for the transport of ammonia to the farmers that use over 90 percent of the supply.
    The North Dakota Industrial Commission recently approved a $1 million grant to N-Flex to deploy its nimble and highly efficient mobile units to convert North Dakota’s flared gas into ammonia fertilizer. North Dakota’s oil boom has outpaced the infrastructure needed to capture associated gas causing over 30 percent of the state’s energy-rich gas to be flared.
    Simultaneously, farmers in North Dakota and across the U.S. are facing ammonia shortages and paying record levels for imported ammonia. North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms stated that the N-Flex technology is a win for everyone, describing it as an “incredible synergy between North Dakota’s two largest industries, agriculture and oil.”

    Oilfield CNG Solutions
    BX Energy is a leading source for CNG compressors, CNG tube trailers and CNG decompression equipment in the U.S. and International marketplace. Our new and used equipment offer solutions to companies wanting to 'capture stranded natural gas/liquids' or 'deliver CNG to remote natural gas engines', such as, dual fuel drilling rigs. Our clients include oil companies, service companies and gas/liquids marketing companies. Quite simply, BX Energy provides solutions with quality equipment, competitive pricing and support services before and after the sale. Our business is built on trust and relationships within the industry. You can choose from a large selection of trusted manufacturer's products or custom manufactured equipment to meet your exact project specification. With BX Energy you'll have a reliable source with options.
    BX Energy LLC has developed several solutions, including: 1) stranded gas & liquids capture (and dense phase truck transport), 2) CNG delivery to dual fuel drilling rigs, and 3) mobile gas lift compression. Current operations are in Williston basin, under the company name of Bakken Express LLC.

    Blaise Energy

    Experts in Transforming wellhead flare gas into reliable & environmentally friendly electricity for:
    Scalable Site Power
    Distributed Generation back into the electrical grid
    Offering an easily outsourced flare reduction alternative by transforming unprocessed wellhead gas into “Recycled” electricity for site power requirements or for delivery back into the electrical grid.
    Gas to Methanol
    Expansion Energy
    Exploration and Production of Natural Gas at “Stranded” Gas Fields which are not close to existing pipeline infrastructure. The liquefaction of these stranded reserves (via the VX Cycle) allows the natural gas (in dense liquid form) to be cost-effectively transported by LNG tanker truck to existing natural gas pipelines, and re-gasified prior to insertion to the interstate/intrastate pipeline system. Stranded gas applications can utilize a skid-mounted VX Cycle unit that can be moved to other gas production areas once its work is completed at the original gas production field. Through this application, the VX Cycle can increase the value of natural gas in stranded fields by potentially tens of millions of dollars per field by making such reserves cost-effectively deliverable to the market. The VX Cycle can also be used as a “stepping stone” for high-potential gas fields that could support an extension of the natural gas pipeline system, but not until a sufficient number of gas wells in these new fields are drilled and producing.

    G2G Solutions ....etc

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    • Hi Sand,

      You hit on the reason the North Dakota government receives the highest rating in and out side their state.

      It is wasteful to flare gas but also it is necessary for safe industry practices. Do American entrepreneur have solutions? Are they willing to put up their own money to prove they have the solution? Well let us make sure it is not dangerous and then let them prove it.

      Mean while over a thousand miles away the nyZt writes about the waste without bothering to explore solutions as the answer must be outlawing all flaring. We must all believe flaring makes the Progressive earth goddess angry and only flat earth regulation will make her happy.

      I have a much deeper appreciation of the absolute necessity of state's rights. All rational people are cheering 3% or less unemployment and rising wages any where in America.

      All the domestic oil and gas proves our entrepreneurship can still create solutions and in doing so create general prosperity. But only where they are allowed to do so.

      I believe we also have the answer why the radical and heartless EPA is focusing on fracturing regulation rather than flaring - even as all the EPAs claims were proven bogus and purposefully deceptive.

      Sure would improve Bakken well economics to produce value added products from the natural gas.

      • 2 Replies to norrishappy
      • norris, the introductory speaker from the state of ND discussed a very interesting point about the gas quantity available for the new onsite uses.

        It looks like the percentage that is flared in the williston basin will fall from around 30% to an anticipated 5 % eventually.....but while the quantity being flared now is at about 240 million cubic ft/ day.....when it is expected to be at 5%....the quantity of gas that is expected to be availabe for those new technologies and uses on site is arount he same quantity (250 million cubic ft/day) BECAUSE the rate of production is still increasing.

        So, while the percentage of flared gas is expected to fall alot as time passes in ND, the amount of gas available for the new uses (fertilizer, electricity, CNG & LNG....) will still be stable & available, so the investment in the equipment and other cost(s) do make good financial sense.

      • Norris are you running for Senate or are you posting on a LINN board?

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