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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Jan 3, 2013 7:39 PM Flag

    QRE acquiring Jay field

    "......and I asked why you posted sweet.."

    The wording is pasted direct from the press release, as you know.

    "This acquisition allows the partnership to own a world class oil field with significant remaining reserves, a low decline and a long reserve life. We expect the high liquids content and premium Louisiana Light Sweet crude oil pricing to deliver high margins and significant accretion to our unitholders."

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    • Don't you find it odd (but then again, not really) that someone takes such a concerted interest in a transaction by a company that he has dismissed so profusely in the past?

      And that a lot of the answers to his questions can be found from the CC call today? Instead he would rather call names and make it look like you are foolish , when instead he is the fool.

    • To sand (no reply button on his posts again - yahoo realizes they are too dumb to warrant a reply):

      BORING. Production is fully hedged, so your fud about what price they will get is just boring and unproductive.

    • So, I guess from your response about avoiding what I asked:

      ......and specifically if the oil has to be refined first to get that light sweet price that you posted.....

      SO what is it?

      sweet or sour?

      So, when you do google the Jay field......and read about the type of oil.........and the price for light sweet crude that you posted about. it only after it has been that correct or not?

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