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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 6, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    The U.S. May Lead LNG Exports: Who Will Be The Winners?

    Well done piece worth searching up. A little shallow here and there but then space is limited.

    "Enterprise Product Partners - (EPD) - The majority of the LNG export terminals will be built along the Gulf of Mexico coast, Enterprise Product Partners has more natural gas processing plants and infrastructure in that area than any other midstream company. The map below shows their infrastructure."

    Given far to much of the leadership of indigenous tribal people of Canada have become cultural Luddites they are blocking great wealth allowing pipe lines to cross their lands would bring their people - the pipe lines are being blocked from rational and logical transit.

    That leaves KMP in a great position to supply the west coast lng export terminals. There existing pipes and right of way is within 50 miles of connection. It would be a great Bakken connection as well.

    Given the great cost of ocean transport North American natural gas will remain at a significant discount to world prices even if we had the capacity to export all of it.

    It would be logical for LINE to get into midstream and capture the massive valued added margins which are likely to be available for years to come. But if it were to happen it would logically be a joint partnership as was done to gain corporate culture knowledge of EOR technology.

    EPD is a logical partner but they are getting such massive return on equity rates, they may demand to great a price.

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