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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Jan 9, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    OT Again father Jenkins must go and so should norris as he posts only what is beneficial for his agenda

    The news that the preeminent Catholic University in the land, a school dedicated and named after Our Lady, has recognized a GLBTQ group. A group dedicated to the support and nurturing and gaining acceptance for those who are out and proud with their sin.

    This is not a group dedicated to those with same sex attraction seeking to live lives of holiness, this is a group dedicated to the idea that sin defines you and that is ok. All this in direct contravention of Catholic Teaching.

    The deceitful Father Jenkins said “I am confident that this multifaceted, pastoral approach represents the next step in advancing our efforts toward this aspiration for our GLBTQ students.”

    There is nothing pastoral about accepting sin.

    On the basis of this decision, I see the potential for another student group at the University. There is a whole segment of the student population that suffers from opposite-sex attraction and feel compelled to act upon that deep-seated drive even though they are not married. What if these people formed a group to foster acceptance and understanding of fornicators even though this is in direct contradiction of Church teaching? I do not see any logic by which the University should not recognize such a group.

    Enough of the silliness. Father Jenkins must be removed and these recent actions reversed or the University must lose its Catholic accreditation. There may be quite a few good Catholics among the faculty and student body, but Father Jenkins and the administration as a whole are not among them. This is just the latest instance of Father Jenkins speaking with forked tongue, pretending he does not endorse something profoundly un-Catholic while at the same time making it clear to everyone that he and the University actually approve. In the vernacular, this is called lying.

    Father Jenkins is leading his students to death and damnation with winks and nods. Notre Dame has an un-Catholic liar at its helm and if it is ever to recover its Catholic identity, he must be sent packing.

    Read it and weep norris and norrisdad. but you go on posting thinking no body knows what has happened at ND

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    • What does sexuality have to do with the subject?

      "A group dedicated to the support and nurturing and gaining acceptance for those who are out and proud with their sin."

      There is nothing but sinners in a church. Those that are not repentant of what their conscious tells them is sin, are wasting their time. If they do it willfully like pro-abortion politicians claiming Catholic Faith, then the person I most fear for would be that person claiming the Faith.

      I am not a Catholic just a catholic so I have no authority in the matter.

      But I do ponder if the Catholic Church is not enabling pro-abortion politicians claiming Catholic Faith to the higher standards of the clergy and a very special place after Judgement day.

      This is a very dangerous thing for a Christian not to correct. Scripture is very clear.

      As a secular matter of God Gifted Liberty, each person is free to chose. Folks have the Liberty to be homosexual but their liberty does not extend into my Freedom of Conscience or Faith.

      Now do you want to talk Theology or secular?

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