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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 10, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

    Global warming at a standstill, new Met Office figures show

    "The Met Office has downgraded its forecast for global warming to suggest that by 2017 temperatures will have remained about the same for two decades.

    A new scientific model has revised previous figures for the next five years downwards by around a fifth.
    The forecast compares how much higher average world temperatures are likely to be than the “long-term average” from 1971-2000.
    It had been thought that this would be 0.54C during the period 2012 -2016 but new data puts the figure for the 2013-2017 period at 0.43C.
    This figure is little higher than the 0.40C recorded in 1998, the warmest year in the Met Office Hadley Centre’s 160-year record – suggesting global warming will have stalled in the intervening two-decade period."

    But of course the Global Warming religionists are screaming about the record warmth in American primary due to an exceptionally mild winter.

    As America;s co2 emissions declined on massive unemployment.

    China's emissions exploded. Benefiting from Obama's EPA discounted coal and unemployed coal mining Americans.

    Natural gas board with a solution to a problem which probably does not exist. But it is reasonable to be careful and always working towards economically viable cleaner technologies. Like poligeneration coal and natural gas vehicles.

    There is more than enough imported energy to put Americans to work in all domestic energy industries.

    The time for a bunch of emotional irrational wrecks running around screaming insane demands in mean spirited and purposeful deception for base load solar, wind and worst of all corn ethanol Progressive corruption, to end.

    But I am sure that is to much to ask even on a American Domestic natural gas board. Responsible rationality and intellectual integrity is not what Progressiveness or the attending primitive religion of environmentalism runs on. .

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    • .Video: Opinion Journal: Climate-Change Hot Air
      WSJ Europe editorial writer Anne Jolis on what conclusions to draw from a report that indicates 2012 was the warmest year

      Excellent clip. Truly objective journalism.

      Something to keep in mind as 'say anything off the top of empty head' Progressives like Beckel do their global warming dance. Nice to see a comic like Gutfield who is actually very informed rather than pre-programmed with completely predictable behavior routines as 'jokes'.

      Gutfield - sounds English. Perhaps a connection with Mr. Varney. Clearly their is physical similarity in appearance. So perhaps it is a simple question of degree of separation. Jeckle and Hide thing?

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      • There were warnings that global warming would cause the oceans to rise. I can show you a place on the Louisiana shore where street signs are a couple of hundred yards out in the surf, houses long gone. Ice packs and glaciers are melting. The U.S. had a record hot summer, with most of the states also reporting a huge number of record hot days.
        But, Norris and Rush Limbaugh tell us that the global warming thing was all a hoax.
        Whew!........I was worried for a while.

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