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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 19, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    No One is very disappointed with Jon Stewart

    NO One is surprised Progressives believe they can rewrite history by simply imposing their general will by voting on it or more likely attempting to make it appear so.

    As Mr. Varney reported; with his excellent degree in Economics form the London School, the Germans are pulling their gold back from America and France. The Germans experience with America's Progressive council of *experts*, was some help and a equal amount of exploitative profiteering.

    So Germans bring back their gold reserves in the event they might have to deal with hyper-inflation is completely understandable and responsible. Telling the general world what is driving this decision is more problematic.

    Fact is Obama is demanding to deficit spend at a level which will crash the dollar and our economy if not checked. Our dishonored press reporting opinions puts greater weight on a clearly and increasing delusional Krugger; called out as a political hack by the collectivist economist, then that proven economic theory.

    Poor Jon has trouble with history and economics simply because his common sense has been purposefully clouded. Making him a really big Progressive mental shadow puppet in the Progressive Theater of the completely irrational. To his credit I believe he is trying to be rational and objective. But the Krugger trillion dollar coin must be his wake up call. Exactly why Krugger called him *ignorant* and *lazy*.

    Germans pulling their gold reserves from America safe keeping is an important wake up call for us. Mr. Varney I believe alone had the education to understand the true significance and highlight it. Unfortunately it takes a great deal of education to understand the full significance of it.

    Americans must some how cut through the largely mindless Progressive prattle. Nealry impossible with our dishonored, dishonorable and intellectual lazy press which no longer understands the term journalism.

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