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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 20, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    hope you aren't expecting any cogent response from either SOB or Norris.

    We all wait for you to admit you were dead wrong about oil production in ND and pipe build outs.

    You have a remarkable talent for getting it all perfectly backward. Like some one doing it on purpose.

    BUt you do it so transparently it is hard to believe you have control of yourself.

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    • Oh you mean like your challenge post about MSFT and VZ. That you have NO reply for. A mere suggestion from you, to discuss, then just fade away as you always do. Mr. almost wealthy......if only i didn't have this debt.

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      • Ops, that is his M.O.

        Neither will offer rationale rebuttals. It is all smoke and mirrors, accusations, innuendo. Nothing of substance or value. Cut n Paste jobs. Political Gibberish...yes, I say gibberish even though I don't support Obama orany of his whacko cronies...I believe norris gives Obama opponents a bad name.

        It is perfectly fine to disagree with others about politics, or investments or anything, but take the high road and be respectful, not the low road that norris so often treads on.

        He does himself a great disservice with his bi-polar behaviour and haughty attitude. If he only behaved normally, he might actually be respected.

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