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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Jan 20, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    More Foolishness

    Talk of back fitting? Hooey, as usual. No proof as usual..just accusations.

    Don't want to talk about the collapsing natural gas, I wouldn't think you would. Go do the math, look at how much of a hole it put in the DCF when the high dollar hedges ran off the books.

    I never said the GW was dillutive, I said that Linn dilluted the GW exposure. Geez clown, get it right if you are going to be critical and then back it up with numbers. I think sand can loan you a calculator.

    And I find it laughable at best that you consider the BP deals exploitive. They paid something like 9x ebitda. The deals are accretive no doubt, but these weren't steals. But since you bring it up, the Hugoton deal was $1.2 billion, that should put us on track for a $.24/unit increase...right..since Kolja said they target 2 cents of distrbution accretion per $100 million in acquisitions. Ha Ha.

    Look norris, face the facts, Linn is a wel managed E&P MLP, but the past few years they have been hammered by falling natural gas prices...the distribution was set at a point at which it was not sustainable without them going out and making acquisitions..using the accreetion from the new deals to shore up the holes in the DCF. The math is simple, and I find it funny that you continue to bury your head in the sand (yes, pun intended). I think what it realy comes down to is you are too highstrung and arrogant to admit it.

    Oh and we here on the board fully understand the difference of EBITDA and DCF and how you get DCF from EBITDA..but we are still waiting on you to complete your homework assignment and report back.

    Also worth noting, if you claim my points aren't legitimate, why not disprove them? Because you can't. Instead, you rely on attacks of emotion and name calling, rather than relying on math and reason. It is what I would expect from you though.

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