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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Jan 20, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Which Pipelines are expanding in the Williston basin & by how much?

    Too bad ol' Warren doesn't know that.

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    • Is there something wrong?

      The ND numbers clearly show that your comment was incorrect, since the RR capacity levles off this year at 880,000 Bbls/day.....while the Pipeline capacity continues to grow.

      Would you like to see those ND pipeline takeaway capacity numbers for this year through to 2016, based on actual pipeline expansions etc?

      The ND Pipeline Authority has the info in advance since the are the regulators.....a very good place to see what is actually going on (but they have no blog) might try it for some reliable info for a change from your usual sources.

    • Yea quite the political pay off for supporting Obama isn't it? I lost nearly all respect for Buffett once this was combined with his secretary made into a political Potemkin Village. As an average Americans being paid $500,000 a year in salary burdened by an unfair share of taxes middle class.

      Now we can add buying up the solar farms with rates up to five times above market rates not disclosed to American consumers.

      Buffett is a great investor but a very poor American - very sad to say.

      BUt that is the nature of Obama. He corrupts all he touches.

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