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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 20, 2013 8:30 PM Flag

    RLP'D is just digging deeper. It is important as its nonsense is purposefully misleading.

    As far as ineffective that must be judged against the peer group not your delusions.

    Compare to something with a reasonable fit like the IEO ETF rather than a pipe heavy MLP index; which means absolutely nothing, with distributions included.

    Considering that LINE is the best most stable way to have a long term call on natural gas prices rising to at least to the economic marginal cost of production, this is a most excellent performance.

    So what the heck do you imagine you are prattling about? Yes LINE keeps debt to 1/3 market capitalization. BUt compared to other EPs they forward sell production 5 years, borrow long term, in laddered maturities at very low cost. Only the most naive would not adjust for the whole business model.

    So what you are blabbering about debt load is of course senseless.

    Again the investment reason to buy LINE is a stable long term call on natural gas once again becoming a functioning industry. That may take until Obama's retirement but we are very thankfully hedge out beyond even the great political charade.

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