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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 23, 2013 8:48 AM Flag

    RRB YOur record of zero correct remains 0 - Emotional tantrums unlimited.

    The LINE business model is that debt is 1/3 of the enterprise value.

    Debt/Ebitda is meaningless comparison as line has long term hedges and long term ladder debt which are not subject to sudden commodity price breaks.

    The ratio you confused was interest cost coverage with balance sheet risk.

    That is what you always do. Play with concepts beyond your grasp and never learn as you are desperately trying to convince so one any one your are an *expert*.

    LINE has a unique business model others are now trying to copy. But it requires mature well understood assets which is not common in the EP companies.

    Some now you compound your mistake by getting it wrong in two ways.

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    • You hate it when you get your ears pinne back, don't you.

      Linn's model is not unique. They were the first E&P MLP of the second generation (not counting the ones from the 80's).

      And debt/ebitda is indeed very important, so important, I feel certain you will hear about it on the next conference call.

      Again, you get points for trying..better luck next time buckeroo.

      • 1 Reply to rrb1981
      • Please point out another MLP which hedges natural gas production out five years. How about another EP with 7 year debt selling for a YTM of 6.05% or a premium to issuance?

        Dude just like claiming back fitting investment returns is a matter of opinion rather than ignorance.

        Your delusions of self understanding are indeed of the most grand scale driving yet another tantrum.

        YOu waste the board's time with your delusions when there are real areas of concern which would benefit from discussion. Like all works of man nothing is perfect. Investments too.