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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 23, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Jon Stewart made No One laugh and then cry for Reverend Alveda King-

    It was a smart edgy show about hyjacking Revered Martin Luther King's legacy until it came to abortion. But we also do a huge disservice to the entire family who took up the purpose and pushed Martin forward simply and mostly as he was the best public speaker.

    Reverend Alveda King continues the family purpose. She is Justified to speak for Martin Luther King and to believe we should think of him as David. Accepting his punishments and like Paul doing his duty by fulfilling his purpose. We can no more diminish the Purpose and Works of the King family for human failings than we could take David from the Bible. So I believe Martin King accepts the mocking and guffaw at his failings as Just. It is what a humbled Christian must accept when we fail.

    But human life made in the Creator's imagine gifted with to be discovered potential is and was the foundation of the all our American Social Gospel Movements. A more perfect union which seeds broad based economic opportunity so those individually gifted talents can flourish and benefit all Americans.

    It is easy to mock and probably deserved when any one invokes Rev. Martin King's legacy on all things except abortion. Life and our potential is a gift from God like Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

    Alveda King was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the first of five children of A. D. King, the younger brother of Martin Luther King Jr., and Naomi Barber King. She says her mother wanted to abort her so she could continue college but her Grandfather was able to convince her to keep her child.[7] When she was 12, her father became a leader of the Birmingham campaign while serving as pastor at the First Baptist Church of Ensley in Birmingham, Alabama. Later that same year, King’s house was bombed by opponents to the civil rights movement. In 1969, Ms. King married.[8] She has been married and divorced three times.

    Alveda Celeste King (born January 22, 1951)[4] is an American Christian minister,[5] conservative, pro-life activist, and author. She is a niece of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and daughter of the late civil rights activist Rev. A. D. William King, Sr. and his wife Naomi Barber King. She is the full-time Pastoral Associate of African-American Outreach for the Roman Catholic pro-life group, Priests for Life.[6]

    We all deserve mocking at one time or another and this is critical in remembering we worship God and not his creations, including imperfect people. But we should also ponder where true strength comes from.

    So a sharp clever performance was marred by a loutish and brutish inclusion of abortion as if it were the same as marginal tax rates and other administrative concerns.

    Good Reverend Alveda King will never see No One. But No One will accept her straightening up of my understanding; in person, if in her judgement I require it.

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