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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 24, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: RRB mindless with it's irrelevant bone

    J. Lopez. Only watched a few minutes as I am not into celebratory. Seems to me like she is working hard to give her fans a great show and focusing on being a good mother - from my on the surface view.

    Jon's mono-log was good. But directly comparing irrational MSNBC to objective Fox was weak.

    The inclusion of symbolic guns and religion was interesting.

    However, He missed completely that the Obama speech was filled with deception for the common American about adherence to our Constitutional and traditional social virtue. At another level for the Progressive elite it was filled with calls to overturn Divine Individuality as our foundation for elite guided collectivism. Further Obama has not and will not honor our Founders Guidance to do so only with the whole enlightened judgement of the vast majority of the people and by the prescribed method.

    I would imagine for Jon guns and religion is all false facade for both political parties. However, Obama grand megalomania to transform America to collectivism by stealth is far more dangerous than to be expected individual selfishness, found in politics.

    Jon is very interesting. He seems to have become comfortable that human nature is constant. But to be 50 and a rebel without a cause is to have no purpose or significance.

    I admire Tina Turner for seeking to lift her fans burdens and bring them some joy. Further to leave us at the peak of her power to do what she loved and for the reason she loved, is exceptional from an exceptional American. Her picking up all the children and caring for them makes me so proud to be an American with her and enough in itself.

    Tina is a great American even though she never sought to be an intellectual. God made her a great entertainer and she developed those talents fully for wonderful purpose. True Divine Individuality.

    What will Jon do? The burden of talents is great for those who seek their purpose.

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