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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 24, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: RRB mindless with it's irrelevant bone - some more

    No RLP'Drrb

    EBITDA / True Free Cash flow is dependent on the size of debt and the rate on that debt.

    Debt/EBITDA does not account for LINEs much lower interest rates nor longer term unsecured notes. This is reflective of the ability to hedge planned production our many years due to the well understood nature of the low decline assets.

    Again your simple minded naivety and lack of understanding along with your defective character is only managing to display your foolishness.

    The YTM on the 6.25% debt issuance did not go to 6.04% premium because LINEs finances deteriorated.

    RLP'Drrr you are arguing with the market not me. As you do not understand Fin101 concepts you are really making yourself in the board clown.

    Wish the mad who would have popped out.

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    • Nice try norris.

      You once again try to put words in peoples mouths.

      I simply stated that historically Linn's DCF has averaged around 50% of their EBITDA. Shall I school you again?

      As for defective character..look at yourself.

      You keep adding fuel to the fire.

      Keep trying though. You get points for trying.