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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Jan 25, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    No misinformation whatsoever

    You just don't comprehend it. And I have no time to teach third grade remediation reading. Maybe Norris can, since I think he may have waited to sixth grade before dropping out.

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    • Evryone knows.

      Just re-read your posts.

      Here is a good example:

      Butte Pipeline expanded up to 160,000 Bbls/day in 2012
      Butte Loop Pipeline expanding to 100,000 Bbls/day by 2014
      Tesoro Refinery expanded to 68,000Bbls/day in July 2012
      Enbridge Mainline North Dakota expanded to 210,000 Bbls/day in 2012
      Enbridge Bakken Expansion Program expanding to 145,000 Bbls/day in Q1, 2013
      Plains Bakken North expanding to 75,000 Bbls/day in 2013
      High Prarie Pipeline expanding to 150,000 Bbls/day in 2014
      Enbridge Sandpiper expanding to 225,000 Bbls/day in Q1, 2016

      That was posted as ND state pipelines that are being expanded or built ----after you incorrectly claimed that OIL pipelines were not being built because they are not economical to build.....LOL.

    • There's no doubt that pipeline capacity will increase everywhere - Bakken included. My original point was - and still is - that current;y rail is the means to carry oil from there, because it is NOT ECONOMICAL to build pipelines to every well. If operators thought that shale assets would be long-lived and highly productive they would build pipeline infrastructure to ensure equally long lived profits. But that is not the case. They have chosen instead to ship by rail for three times the cost of a pipeline.

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      • Just so you are clear on how you changed your incorrect comment ONLY after seeing the state data.... and only insisting that you are correct, while you clearly just made it up.....

        First they were not going to be built since they were not economical.....wrong.

        Then not many were going to be built....wrong.....there are now Eight & one more ....maybe in 2016.
        Then this:
        There's no doubt that pipeline capacity will increase everywhere"

        So you went full circle.

        They do not build pipelines to every well and the data shows that Railroad capacity only goes to 880,000 barrels/day from this year 3013, out to 2016.

        And you also saw these numbers.....from the state of North Dakota....try to understand them...especially the RR #s from 2011 to 2012 & also in 2013, where it levles off.

        Pipeline takeaway for OIL in Bbls/day for The Williston Basin


        Railroad takeaway for OIL in Bbls/day for The Williston Basin



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