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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 25, 2013 10:31 PM Flag

    Prattle on RRB'D

    I would be careful about speaking with yourself at such length however.

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    • Aren't "they" amusing?

      "Ladies and Gentlemen, and Children of all Ages, the circus is about to begin!"

      now we also know who "lap-dog" really is, too.

      Maybe you can point out that if the recent post that was claimed to possibly be worth $20,000,000,000,000 which did have the possible reserves size mentioned....but no production since it is a new discovery....

      so we really have no good idea yet what is there....then the Bakken/three forks which has a known estimate reserve of about 903 Billion barrels as described by Continental.....Right?


      So, that would make the Williston comparison to that post by you-know-who....(LOL)....worth about $180,000,000,000,000 or about 9 times the reserves of the one worth 20 Trillion.....right?

      Yup.... but one problem.

      XOM for only now the worlds largest company again and what are they
      Well what is the market cap of XOM?

      So, funny man like to distort by using very large numbers since he thinks no one might check....or if someone does check...he just posts more articles.

      Did you know that he says that the utica & marcellus may have $TEN TRILLION in economic

      .....but the USA entire economy is only a bit less than $16 trillion.... but, it is ok because some article said it,...... even if it is fantasy.

    • Well, lets see.....

      Does that include the silly statement he made (incorrectly) about Linn not hedging their NGLs that were in fact hedged (only in-part.... from when they did a BP deal) which he just seemed to overlook at first,

      .....and then he tried (with help from the barnum and bailey brigade) to make less of it or try to discount it as merely "dirty" hedges, oh, those NGL hedges... the ones that do actually exist.

      ...does that recent one count or does only norris have to do the disporving of the misleading or incorrect posts?

    • LOL.

      You are one to talk about prattling, what with all of your political gibberish.

      Still waitin for you to disprove anything I have said, time for you to step up boy.

      • 1 Reply to rrb1981
      • Why yes the monkey flutter avoiding the question of how all this foolish relates to LINE goes open. On the LINE board of course.

        A whole new level of mendacious miasmic.

        This of course began with the RLP'D/RRB disinformation that an Obama victory would mean drilling activity would meet the internal plans of the industry. Even as there was no way for the industry to finance it except by asset sales.

        House of Saudi has maintained high oil prices by with drawing million of barrels a day from the market. Interesting that while our production continues to increase, it is not at the rate well IRR would drive.