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  • yp_chad_yucaipa yp_chad_yucaipa Jan 31, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Fuels America Coalition - Progressive Corny Capitalists exploiting Americans


    Norris you are dilusional, and since you have resorted to name calling, a moron. I am new to investing and have followed this board's members (some at least) especially Stagg. He is generous, knowledgable, honest and has character. Since this is a yahoo message board we have to listen to your mouth spewing dribble. Stagg keep up the honest straightforward information. I love it.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I know this is a controversial subject. For me it should come down to whether this is a net energy efficient supplement. I can tell you one thing. I have a camp in Maine and every fisherman hates the stuff. It has ruined every fiberglass tank commonly found in boats more than five years old and has ruined tons of small engines and boat motors because the alchohol readily absorbs water. Its never going to be popular with millions of us who depend on small engines for this reason.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • $ Tag other people's money is a nefariousness crony capitalist and completely clueless investment bumble beast based on his long record public buffoonery. All a person need do is read his shameless dissembling for his Progressive corn ethanol corruption or read a few line on the SFL board. For what possible reason would a person come on a natural gas board where investors have a better product that ethanol and can make money by competing against Progressive corruption?

      While you have a right to an opinion what on earth would make you think your emotional fired vituperation adds any relevance to the worth of your opinion? It does not. Terms which accurately describe behavior and quality of character is not name calling.

      I did notice poor Jon morphed into a Maher clone.

      Free association has nt relationship to Progressive collectivism. Mr. Beck is requesting people join in his vision. Much like the Israeli kibbutz movement. It is a collective structure but of free will individual association.

      First Aliyah immigrants were largely religious, but those of the Second Aliyah were mainly secular. A Jewish work ethic thus replaced religious practice. Berl Katznelson, a Labor Zionist leader articulated this when he said "Everywhere the Jewish labourer goes, the divine presence goes with him."[15]

      Nothing new in religious communities sustaining a family unit building block collective association. Again an Amish Protestant sees shared valued immediately. But the Marxists organizations pretty much died after the generation of freely associating individuals were replaced by the next generation. Resulting in incorporation as the only possible solution as no civil society can be sustained on oppression and/or relativistic morals as a 'social contract'.

      In his juvenile understanding Jon then goes on to blast The Boy Scouts for their freedom of conscience. He then assumes what a conservative Pastor will do next - assuming to know another persons heart.

      With all the broken families and fatherless boys America needs organizations where role models can set examples of responsible manhood with our boys.

      Why will Jon not get off his cushie seat and build an alternative competitor to the Boy Scouts rather than use government force to bend it to his will or break it? Glenn is the response to collectivists imposing their will via government force - free association. This is nothing new in the American experience and this freedom is in no small part secured by the Second Amendment. More trouble than it is worth or cause such a commotion that the American people will notice what our government is doing.

      Free Individuals forming a collective organization; of which they are free to leave, is Individualism.

      Jon assuming to know another persons heart without example of works and attempting to bend the Boy Scouts to his will or break it is collectivism. The unbeliever must be converted or subject to a Progressive inquisition of personal destruction.

      Elton John is so much more mature than Jon. Maybe a person really worried by gun violence would consider their behavior as that behavior drives record gun and ammunition sales as a response from fellow citizens. What is Jon's true objective again?