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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 30, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Fuels America Coalition - Progressive Corny Capitalists exploiting Americans

    Stagg you are nothing but a Progressive corny capitalist and therefore a cheat and a liar.

    Corn price is at $7.30. Beef prices are at record highs and climbing. Still ranchers cannot make a profit. You are losing market share in international markets as competitors focused on efficiency or competitive advantage take market share while our farmer plant with out proper rotation to capture the 'Vegas' prices of a completely dysfunctional American corn growing business.

    You do all this on a natural gas board? We want what is good for America. Let direct conversion of natural gas complete with Progressive corn ethanol corruption.

    This is why Americans trust our free markets. It gets the political corruption out of the system.

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    • Board members...the monkey talker is back to 'low class name calling' and ranchers are making plenty of money on high beef prices and corn prices are about a $1.10 a bu. cheaper than they were several months back...the drought was the 'main factor' in high beef prices last year and even, hay is still not cheap because of it (to overwinter cows)...

      I am not losing markets share anywhere (farm or investments)...2012 was the best over-all high profit year that I have ever had...they are plenty of stocks that are paying great dividends/distributions...investors need to stop trying to talk their holdings up in profits and 'sell the losers and buy the current winners'...I had a Total Return of 22% last year on my investments and did not try to do it talking voodoo economics...! $tagg...!

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      • Nope.

        What should an American of our traditional faith or respectful of our faith and attending morality; so as to earn the Title American Patriot of our Founders, call you?

        A person would say or do anything while human being starve to protect your political corruption?

        Ethanol corruption does not have any valid reason to exist. It increases food and energy cost by creating no energy but destroying 45%+ of all the work farmers put into their crop. It increases co2 and massively increases water pollution while overuse degrades America's farmland.

        Perhaps you have some Progressive groupie after all that is what a collective is about. Preying on fellow Americans.