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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 30, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    The Who screams out to Mr Varney why Special forces ethos works in corporations

    Leadership begins with personal honor and integrity. Special forces guys are definitely competitive with each other to the most absurd example; much like Englishmen of old, but first and foremost is the mission and the team. No political backstabbing is tolerated; even though it is sadly common at higher ranks in the Marine support branches, and why I believe the Honourable McChrystal was easy meat for the media troglodyte.

    Their elan can do wonders for any American company. But only within a corporate culture of honourable integrity. There probably are not better people of earth to work in our entrepreneurial American energy businesses. They will be looking for excuses to go check on the crews when it is -40. Put two of them together and they will be hoping for -60 to see who can take care of their team best.

    Something about that things greater than self thing. If one did need help it would be given and nothing more said. If you came in second there would be no end to it except do it all again.

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    • You must british for you use of america and americans are wrong all of the time and you just love Mr. Varney.

      Go take a nap you got up way to early today to be even close to being lucid. You have fallen to even lower deoths than before.

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      • Mr. Varney is an old glory waving, Founding Document philosophy studying and Framers Patriot by Faith. I myself can not take enough like him; as fellow American by their choice, from all over the world. Americans alone of all the peoples on earth come together under shared ideals beyond all other factors.

        As Americans we also root for the up from the bottom under dog. So Mr. Varney's interview of the very best of the glamour position in football Mr. Smith, was superior.

        Poor Killme broke down into groupie drooling and as a result I could not understand a word he uttered. Sure I would love to go for a ride with Mr. Smith in a cool American car but I refuse to be a groupie of a groupie.

        My favorite Sports Star of all time is Mr. Greer. My folks were involved with some of the very first special Olympics. Reverend Greer had volunteered and was waiting to greet the children. My brother dared me to go say hello, so I did. My hand was out with words refusing to come up when Reverend Greer swooped me up into a smiling bear hug. He said "Oh you are not special" then as I saw that wasn't quite right in his eyes, a flood of the children simply washed over him. Nearly physically overwhelming this powerful American. Ah but his smile. His spirit with soaring in Heaven.

        Thank you Reverend Greer. You could not remember but I have and always will. I am proud you are an American with me.

        Fortunately no one can see me drooling like Killme now.